ARX specializes in cooling components and thermal management for microprocessors. We build our expertise by focusing on innovative R&D, robust design cycle, advanced know-how, and top quality production capacity.

Selecting the Right Fan

Why do you need a fan? It is because you need some extra airflow to cool your system down. Is air still when the system is hot? No. Air is actually moving slowly due to density difference. We call it natural convection. When the temperature of the system or key component exceeds its limit, we need extra airflow. When this extra airflow is produced by using a fan, we call it active cooling (achieved by forced convection). Air is a material with mass. Anything with mass can absorb heat. As a result, the fan that can drive the amount of volume of air to prevent the temperature of the system from reaching its limit is the bottom line choice. Any fan that cannot cool your system down enough will be ruled out for further evaluation. So the first thing you want to do is to figure out how much airflow you need to remove the heat generated by your system.