Location: Wanchai, Hong Kong


  ·   Technical Support

  ·   Commercial support

  ·   Logistics

  ·   Marketing

E-Mail: admin@arx-group.com

Location: Dong Guan, Guan Dong, China


  ·   DC fan production

  ·   Cold plate, heat pipe assemblies

  ·   Customized thermal modules assemblies

  ·   Folded metal toolings and production

  ·   CNC full process

E-Mail: admin@arx-group.com

Location: Area of Shenzhen, China


  ·   Tooling House for both aluminum and zinc casting

  ·   Die-Casting in ADC10/12 , A356 and zinc

  ·   CNC and post process – full range

  ·   Heat Sinks – Extrusion, skiving, cold forge

  ·   Finish by plating, painting or anodizing – special process applied

E-Mail: admin@arx-group.com