ARX Group


2022 – March

ARX GROUP LTD – proudly began set up plans for local European productions facilities in Central and Eastern Europe.

2020 – June

ARX GROUP LTD – independent legal entity established in Gibraltar to provide technical and design support to the European and the North American regions.

2019 – February

ARX GROUP – together with the ARCera engineering team is focused on designing and manufacturing high temperature resistant DC Fans and Customized Thermal Modules.These products are designed and manufactured to be suitable in various automotive, telecom and medical applications.

2018 – May

ARX GROUP / ACTRX – introduced thermally conductive modules designed for use in battery chargers for broad application range of automotive sector.

2017 – April

ARX GROUP / ACTRX – Innovative design of customized DC blower for use in PM-2.5 and COC (Cabin Ozone Cleansing) modules.

2016 – February

ARX GROUP / ACTRX – successful design of thermally conductive heat pipe module used in LED, High Beam Head Light application.

2015 – June

ARX GROUP / ARCera – in partnership with leading ARCera design office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, provides thermo electric solution for Solar Power Distribution Station.