Fan Life

What Service Life and Reliability Do You Expect℃

Most frequently asked number is the MTBF (mean time between failure) of the fan. Normally, the life of the fan is estimated by using the acceleration test. That is, install a specific number of fans (e.g., 50 pcs) in an oven with an elevated temperature (e.g., 70℃) to create an environment for “quick aging” the fan. The result will be analyzed and transformed in a way that can give good indication of how long the fan can sustain for your application. Whenever you choose a fan, you need to be sure the fans or specifications at hand are based on the same condition. For example, some may guarantee a service life of 50000 hrs at 25℃ and some may guarantee a service life of 25000 hrs, but at 50℃. You need to be careful that the former one may not be better than the latter. Why different specification℃ It is because the application varies. Some may need to use a fan mostly in a room temperature environment, but some may use the fan in a system that is always in elevated temperature, e.g., 50℃. Fan manufacturer needs to know what the application is in order to provide you the data you need.