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We design thermal solutions for 21st Century's requirements

Design by Intelligent Thermal Management

ARX fan that does not operate by magic!

Constructed simply utilizing a toughened ceramic material to provide superior wear and reduced friction characteristics for the bearing system.

We wanted to develop a bearing system that would provide higher reliability and reduced noise over the traditional bearing systems. A system that would simplify fan construction and operate without the need for greases and in the process widen the temperature tolerances. After many years of research and development we have launched the CeraDyna range bringing a new era in improved reliability and reduced bearing noise.

Our engineering division can provide rapid prototyping, aerodynamic fan design simulations prior to manufacture, custom rapid design and manufacture of axial, centrifugal and backward curved impellors for volume applications, low cost injection mouldings, and complete product manufacture.

We can offer services ranging from computational fluid dynamics modeling support for thermal optimization and development of thermal strategy, total thermal management solutions, design engineering support with emphasis for manufacture, value added engineering, airflow and temperature testing support plus worldwide supply chain management. ARX provides you with expert thermal management support locally combined with a cost effective manufacturing base for your global sourcing strategy.

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