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Match Cost with Your Application

Several aspects you have to consider concerning the cost. Add-on functions will certainly increase your cost. Other than that, bearing system is directly related to your budget. For conventional bearing systems, there are sleeve, one-ball one sleeve (or, ball-sleeve), and two-ball bearing systems. Fans using sleeve bearing system is the cheapest option among the three. Two-ball bearing system is, on the other hand, the most expensive. You may directly link the bearing system with the service life of a fan. Generally, the life of two-ball bearing system is longer than ball-sleeve, and ball-sleeve is longer than sleeve.

However, ARX provides you alternatives on the bearing system, which is registered as “CeraDyna ™ ”. The pioneer, patented bearing system gives you different level of thinking. If you are not so familiar with fans, you do not need to waste your time looking for a fan of your need. Try CeraDyan. If you are thinking for replacement, it is time to to switch to CeraDyna.

(See “A New Era for Cooling Fan” for details).

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