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Air Flow

How Much is the Flow Rate You Need?

Heat is transferred only when there is a temperature difference between the heat source (your system) and the environment. When air flow rate is high, the temperature difference will be low, as the air removes the heat very fast so that there is less chance for the heat to accumulate (when heat accumulates, the temperature goes higher). When the air flow rate is low, the heat accumulates until it creates a temperature difference that is adequate for another equilibrium (i.e., more “load” on the air passed by). Therefore, in order to know the volume of air flow you need, we provide you the 1-2-3 knowledge for rough estimation.

A. Find out the amount of heat generated in your system

B. Find out the temperature limit of your system and the surrounding temperature.

C. Calculate the least air volume necessary for removing the heat.

D. Estimate the system impedance (resistance, in terms of air flow) of your system.

E. Match the above estimate with the performance curve of the selected fan.

More about airflow calculation...

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